Under the slogan "Restart, Recycle Your E-Waste" Chilerecicla has designed the first electronic and electric waste recycling compaing whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for all those people from different cities, so they can recycle their obsolete electronics at no cost. For do it that we partner with a municipality, an Institution of Higher Education and the Environment Ministry, to provide for a weekend, a sector enabled on any of various communities in the country, duly authorized by the municipal authorities and relevant government to achieve compliance with the purpose of each and every one of the neighbors with electronic devices such as waste, at no cost to take this temporary gathering place, that are subsequently recycled by our company.
-Preserve the Environment and pollution reduce from dangerous materials of Electrical and Electronic Waste (E-WASTE), avoiding disposal in landfills or unauthorized sites.
-Reduce and Reuse, the most obsolete electronic waste in order to integrate them back into the value chain.
-Bringing the community with this type of recycling, managing to make the neighbors aware that electronic devices contain hazardous waste requiring special treatment, therefore should NOT be mixed with household waste.
-Educate, with Recycling and Environmental Compaings district which are carried out in order to promote environmental awareness in families and school children.

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